Chocolate Chip Cookies May Be Better Than Cough Syrup

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Chocolate Chip Cookies May Be Better Than Cough Syrup

Cookies are irresistible, especially when they come with chocolate chips. But they’re not the first thing you grab when you’re dealing with cough and colds. The standard procedure is that when your throat feels scratchy, you go to the medicine cabinet for cough syrup. But a recent study showed chocolate may better for cough and other respiratory problems than regular medicine.

Before ordering some of Frisco’s gourmet cookies, here’s what the study points out.

Chocolate as Medicine

Professor Alyn Morice, a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Cough, explains chocolate can calm coughs. As it turns out, medicine containing cocoa is better at relieving irritation and inflammation than the regular cough syrup you take.

Morice reveals the largest real-world study of an over-the-counter cough medicine involved a head-to-head comparison of 163 patients. All the participants, apparently, reported a “significant improvement” in their cough symptoms after two days of taking the chocolate-based remedy.

But the study isn’t the only one proving the effectiveness of cocoa in suppressing a cough. Some scientists from the Imperial College London also discovered that chocolate is a potential cough soother.

Unicough is the name of the new chocolate medicine, according to Morice. With this medicine, you can get rid of a scratchy feeling in your throat and get less sleep disruption within 48 hours.

More than Curing Cough

Americans spend at least $22 billion on chocolate every year. Although Valentine’s accounts for a huge chunk of the figure, experts point out that the occasional small indulgence adds up to the large amount spent on chocolates.

Apart from the sweet taste of chocolates, this food offers plenty of benefits. No matter what kind of chocolate it is you mix with your cookies, you’re gaining more benefits than you think.

Let’s divide chocolates into their three categories:

  • Milk chocolate: It’s the most popular kind of chocolate in the US. It has 10 percent cocoa liquor, compared with a minimum of 35 percent that dark chocolate contains.
  • Dark chocolate: The standard dark chocolate bar has at least 70 to 85 percent of cacao, which comes with about 600 calories and 24 grams of sugar. Dark chocolate contains roughly the same amount of calories like milk chocolate, but the latter has twice the amount of sugar.
  • White chocolate: It only has cocoa butter and no cocoa solids. White chocolate is a combination of cocoa butter, sugar, and other ingredients.

The benefit of eating chocolate lies in the number of cocoa solids it contains. The cocoa solids indicate the number of dietary flavonoids, or antioxidants, which can help lower the risk of coronary heart disease.

Dark chocolate, in particular, can help boost cognition, memory, mood, and the immune system. So what’s not to love about chocolates sprinkled on cookies? The answer: nothing.

Homemade Taste You’ll Crave

You’ll love chocolate chip cookies even more when it’s tender, chewy (maybe even gooey) — and it smells just like home. Our gourmet cookies are baked with high quality ingredients and real butter. We don’t just make them to order. We also make them with love. So whether you want a box for yourself or to give as a sweet surprise, think The Cookie Society.

Order a cookie today.


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