About Our Passionate Baker

Love in Every Crumb

I am the mother of two little cookie monsters and wife to a cookie-loving husband. I consider myself a family-taught baker and cook. I was raised and nurtured in the kitchen by my nana who is an incredible baker. I used to watch her small baking operation in amazement. Shortly after graduation, I started begging for her recipes and watched her remake all of my favorites with a new ferocity. This passion led to my food blog and the feeding of my family and many of our friends. Despite my love for cooking, I maintained my baker’s heart. My favorite little gift to give friends and family is a warm baked cookie. It felt only natural to share my passion for cookies with y’all! I want people who are initially indifferent about cookies to be bona fide FANS.

The Cookie Society is a boutique bake shop specializing in gourmet cookies made with the highest quality ingredients, in fun + unique flavors. My passion for baking has turned into a sweet little enterprise!

When was the last time you had a cookie you couldn’t forget about? Life is too short and precious to be wasted on average cookie consumption.

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Marissa Allen