A Sweet Gesture: Show Appreciation for Your Employees Through Cookies

In an organization, it’s normal that some people leave after a certain period. While there are reasons you can’t control as an employer (e.g., pursuing other career paths, family matters, or relocation), you can do something to manage the retention problems in your company.

One reason employees leave is the overall culture of the company. It’s necessary that your employees feel respected and appreciated. The lack of recognition for employees’ performance can affect the culture of your organization, which may encourage some team members to quit.

There are various ways to show your appreciation to your team. A simple way to recognize their work would be to give each of them a box of delicious cookies. This comforting treat can cheer them up and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Cookies are a Hard-to-Resist Treat

People love cookies, especially the chocolate chip ones. Each bite can take people to simpler times, reminding them of special occasions or loved ones. Researchers suggest that people have an emotional attachment to chocolate chip cookies that make want to eat more.

The combination of sugar and chocolate also create an addictive effect on people. Chocolate has anandamide, a brain chemical that turns on the section of the brain that THC (the main active ingredient of cannabis) also activates.

Cookies also contain a combination of carbohydrates and fats that makes the brain a little bit batty. This combination provides people with the best of both worlds, so they usually choose cookies over other food.

Additionally, eating a cookie at least once a week may help people to live a happier and more satisfying life. This sweet treat can also be a way to build new relationships in the organization. Cookies are an easy-to-share dessert that almost everyone likes.

Showing Appreciation for Employees Strengthens Bonds

As an employer, you shouldn’t neglect to show appreciation to your team. This is an essential aspect of your role as a leader. It also contributes to creating a healthy environment in your organization.

Your team members are likely to be loyal to you when they feel that you recognize and appreciate their efforts. Appreciating their hard work shows that you believe in them. Having a loyal team has an impact on your business’s growth because everyone understands your goals and is willing to help you achieve them.

Encouraging them from time to time can also boost their confidence. This is vital for relatively new members who aren’t still fully confident with their performance. They will remember how dedicated you were in helping them develop their skills, which later on can motivate them to overcome challenges.

Simple gifts, like cookies, can be an excellent gesture to let your members know how grateful you are with their efforts.

Different Cookie Flavors for Everyone

People have different tastes. Some people like chocolate chip cookies while others enjoy raisin oatmeal cookies. Despite the differences in preference, you can still find cookie flavors that your team members would like.

We offer gourmet cookies with a homemade taste that’s hard to forget. Our cookies come in different flavors, such as the all-time favorites chocolate chip, red velvet, and peanut butter. Other irresistible flavors include:

  • Brownie Nutella
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Apple crisp
  • Turtle
  • Cookie butter
  • Birthday cake
  • Cookies and cream
  • Banana pudding

We can deliver your corporate cookie gift from our Frisco kitchen straight to your office. Our goal is to help your organization give gifts easily and without the stress.

For orders and inquiries, contact us today.


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